About Van Meter & Associates 

Van Meter & Associates has been providing physician professional service to emergency departments, hyperbaric medicine units, and clinics in and around the New Orleans area since the 1970s. During this period, we have contracted with a large number of organizations that have provided consistent, exceptional service.


We take everything a step further to ensure that continuous, quality service is provided at each contact location. As a locally owned and operated organization, we are able to respond quickly to any need or problem that may arise. ​

Our administrative office, located in Harvey, Louisiana, is open during regular business hours and is equipped to handle all inquiries. After hours, our Practice Manager handles administrative matters by cell phone availability, while medical matters can also be handled after-hours through contact numbers that include the Emergency Department and Medical Director. 

Keith Van Meter & Associates provides many physicians and hospital support from our administrative office. Our Practice Manager is responsible for all the day-to-day administrative responsibilities for the practice. Their duties include interfacing with hospital personnel, maintaining contracts, overseeing billing accounts, and supervising non-physician personnel

Our legal department employs a full-time legal secretary who assists the practical legal counsel on all aspects of their duties. They maintain malpractice files, assist physicians with deposition schedulings, coordinate risk management activities, and schedule all appointments with our attorneys. 

We have a full-time credential coordinator that assists the Medical Staff of each hospital with physician credentialing for initial appointments and for reappointments. This individual can coordinate the procurement of credentials from any and all of our physicians, making it unnecessary for the hospital medical staff to contact the physicians directly. This coordinator also maintains files on all physicians to include current license, malpractice certification, reference letters, CV's, and ACLS/ATLS certification. The Harvey office also houses a library that contains articles on all aspects of hyperbaric and emergency medicine. Personnel are available and welcomed to conduct searches or retrieve any articles needed by our physicians. 


Dr. Keith Van Meter



Dr. Van Meter attended George Washington School of Medicine in Washington, D.C. He trained at Tulane University / Charity Hospital in New Orleans, Louisiana. He is currently board certified in Emergency Medicine, Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, and Medical Toxicology. He has performed and published research on a number of topics. His current focus is on the use of hyperbaric medicine as an adjunct to ACLS and ATLS both in the clinical hospital setting and in the pre-hospital arenas.


Dr. Van Meter is the President and Medical Director of an emergency physician group that staffs contracts in Louisiana and Mississippi. He is the lead physician for a first response flight team that treats offshore, injured commercial divers on-site. He is the Medical Director for the Baromedical Research Institute, a facility that specializes in research in the field of Hyperbaric Medicine. He is a Clinical Professor both at LSU Health Sciences Center and Tulane University School of Medicine.


Since 1989, Dr. Van Meter has served as the Chief of the Section of Emergency Medicine at LSU Health Sciences Center in New Orleans. At University Medical Center in New Orleans, he participates in the training and education of physicians on the front lines of emergency and hyperbaric medicine. He has been honored by the UHMS with the Craig Hoffman Award, the Albert Behnke Award, and the Charles Shilling Award. He was inducted into the ADCI Commercial Diving Hall of Fame in 2014.


B.A. - 1967
Miami University, Oxford, OH


MD - 1973
George Washington University School of Medicine, Washington, D.C.



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